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The design-build approach offers many advantages above the traditional construction model; the cornerstone of which is proactive collaboration. For the project owner, this means one main point of contact.

Our Process

As the design-builder we work collaboratively with all the parties involved in the project. Our design-build teams share a combination of local knowledge, high capacity, and extensive relevant experience. We are not only knowledgeable in the design-build process, but understand local priorities, opportunities and challenges.

The project planning phase of design-build, is similar to the pre-construction process. The planning phase produces preliminary drawings, a budget and a project schedule. The site-visit is an important piece of this phase, as it allows for an analysis of existing site conditions, servicing requirements, and any foreseeable challenges.

The design phase follows and is triggered by the acceptance of the preliminary documents. Input from all involved parties is beneficial at this point, as the early collaboration diminishes constructibility issues, and results in more accurate drawings. Final drawings for the project are completed during this stage.

Once suppliers and contractors are selected, construction can begin.

A few of our design-build projects to-date: 

  • 8-unit condominium (2020)
  • Atlantic Industries Manufacturing and Distribution Center
  • FedEx Distribution Facility
  • Kenon Builders Corporate Office and Warehouse
  • Renovation of the existing school and new school spaces for Onigaming First Nations (2021)
  • Paawidigong First Nations Forum, Healing Lodge Project
  • Iron Clad Storage Inc.

At Kenon, we offer design, general contracting, and our own building trades professionals.

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